Marisol C.

at Earlham College


Class of 2023

Hometown: Ponce, PR

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Psychology

The quirkiest thing I've seen at Earlham was...

For sure, the quirkiest thing about Earlham is that every student has the resources and support from staff to complete whichever passion project they have in mind! For example, this year a Senior (Junior Sánchez) made TEDxEarlhamCollege a reality. Thus, we typically see many students with different career paths uniting to develop these kinds of projects that ultimately help them decide on what they want to pursue after Earlham.

My favorite class/professor is...

There are a couple of professors that I have undoubtedly connected with, but one of my favorite classes and professors has been Rachael Reavis in the Behavior, Healthcare, and Society course. Rachael brought professionals from various health fields to talk about their experiences and made sure that every student had the resources to succeed in the class, such as Research Study Participation and extra credit.

I chose Earlham because...

Earlham became my top choice once I visited the campus and connected with students/staff. In particular, I met Jessie Pilewski, Associate Director of the Center for Global Health, who demonstrated how Earlham could support me on the path to medical school. My doubts as a first-generation student suddenly became manageable and achievable. I also conversed with current Bonner Scholar students who volunteered in the Richmond community and how it has enabled them to connect their passions with their career choice, which is ultimately what I want to achieve during my undergraduate.

My EPIC Journey...

I have not utilized my EPIC Advantage yet, but I'm planning on using it for the Peru/Costa Rica Global Health EPIC Advantage! As a member of the Honors Program, I get to have a second EPIC Advantage which I would use to visit and attend interviews in medical schools during my senior year at Earlham, which can alleviate some of the financial struggles I'll encounter.

I'm passionate about...

scrapbooking Traveling Photography Self-Care Volunteering Sleeping Research Medicine

I'm involved with...

Health/MAPS Club Bonner Scholars Program English Tutor to Spanish-Speakers Honors Program Reid Hospital Volunteer TEDxEarlhamCollege LIFT Program
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