Trang N.

Student Ambassador at Earlham College


Class of 2021

Hometown: Hà Nội, Vietnam

Major: Computer Science

Concentration: Data Science

Secondary Major: Global Management

My Schedule:

Monday: 10am - 5pm
Tuesday:10am - 5pm
Wednesday:10am - 5pm
Thursady:10am - 5pm
Friday:10am - 5pm
Saturday:10am -12pm
Sunday: 10am -12pm

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My favorite class/professor is...

It would be Gene Hambrick. Even though we never had a class together, he as a professor inspired me a lot. He makes me feel like Earlham is a great place thanks to him. However, all the professors at Earlham are amazing in their own ways

The quirkiest thing I've seen at Earlham was...

I waved at a squirrel and it ran to me and gave me its nut

I chose Earlham because...

What surprised me is the supportiveness of the community. It is like when you meet someone once; you will feel like they are the sort of a friend for life in some way. Even with my professors, I know that I can go to them, ask them for help or anything related to the classes or otherwise. Friendliness, diversity and "family" is the reason why I choose Earlham.

My EPIC Journey...

The Earlham Program provides an Integrated Curriculum that encourages experiential learning by integrating classroom courses with transformative learning experiences, including internships, research, study abroad, and leadership development. The EPIC advantage provides at least one fully funded internship, student-faculty research experience, or project to every student. Students can link their academic and personal interests with possible career paths using real-life experiences. I have not utilized my EPIC Advantage yet, but I am planing to use it for a research in Australia at University of Sydney about machine learning and AI .

I'm passionate about...

Video Gaming Board Games Football asian culture society Cooking Dancing pho Sleeping Eating Food Computer Science Photography Playing Piano

I'm involved with...

CGE Ambassador for Alumni Ealham Dance Alloy Website Development for Business department AWC Lily Library staff Vietnamese Student Association VSA Wellness Center welcome desk Senator of Student Goverment
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