Lucy M.

Student Ambassador at Earlham College


Class of 2021

Hometown: Mount Washington, KY

Major: History

Concentration: Great Britain

Minor: Political Science and Chinese Studies

I chose Earlham because...

One reason I chose Earlham was because of the small class sizes. But it was the dynamics between student and professor that really drew me to Earlham. I can honestly say that every professor I have had in my career at Earlham genuinely cares about me as a student and as a human being. They're there if I need help on course work or if I need life help.

My EPIC Journey...

I spent my EPIC funds on a research trip to China with my professor, Ying Liu. We researched the culture and history through immersing ourselves in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai. Not only did I get to practice my Chinese, but I also got to visit the best museums, historic sites, and universities. My favorite part was climbing the Great Wall of China and speaking with English language students at the universities.

The quirkiest thing I've seen at Earlham was...

When the weather is really nice some students will climb the trees in the middle of campus, a place we call "the Heart". Once, I saw someone camp out in one of the trees just because he could.

My favorite class/professor is...

Tom Hamm, Director of the History Department, is the best professor at Earlham! He is so passionate about history, knows his information, and truly cares about his students! Not only does he ask us about our weekends, greets us on the Heart, and advises us on our academics, but he is also readily available.

I'm passionate about...

Photography Reading Pre-Law Food/Cooking Horseback Riding

I'm involved with...

Research Assistant Teaching Assistant Earlham Historical Journal Equestrian Club
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